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Double bass Bows

Stentor 1517 bow - £60 in stock now.

Stentor 1313 bow - £115

Alfred Knoll, Brazilwood, Half minted, 3/4 bow - £200

6B Rossin  - £3.50

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1517 Enhanced Double Bass Bow

•Romanian, brazilwood stick.

•Ebony frog.

•Supplied in 4/4-3/4 unless otherwise requested. Other sizes available: 3/4-1/2, 1/2-1/4, 1/4-1/8 & 1/8-1/10.
4/4-3/4 : 68-72cm

Weight: 141gms

Ideal starter bow

1313 - 3/4 size Double bass bow with superior quality bow with octagonal stick and full mounted ebony frog with abalone inlay and Parisienne eye. Excellent value, strong wood. Approximate length: 68-72cm.

Ideal starter bow

Brazilwood 'Knoll' Violin Bow

Selected octagonal stick. Full mounted frog with eye. Triple button, imitation whalebone or wire lapping. The Knoll workshops, founded in Germany in 1932, are run by Hartmut Knoll, son of the late Alfred Knoll, together with several members of his family. Some eight master bowmakers and apprentices are employed in the workshops which are renowned for their consistent quality in student and fine master bows.

Ideal starter, progressive bow