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SANDBERG Flexstrap Black £50 + £4 UK mainland p&p

Dingwall Racing strap Black - £65 + £4 UK mainland p&p

Dingwall Racing strap Brown - £65 + £4 UK mainland p&p

Dingwall/Levys MSS1 strap Brown- £60 + £4 UK mainland p&p

Levys MSS1-Black strap £60 + £4 OUT OF STOCK

Levys MSS1-Brown strap £60 + £4 OUT OF STOCK

SPECTOR comfort strapp Long £34 + £4 OUT OF STOCK

SPECTOR comfort strapp Extra Long £34 + £4 OUT OF STOCK

Ken Smith Strap Black - BD price £30 + £4 UK mainland p&p

MARUSZCZYK PES40 'Retro' £45 + £4 UK mainland p&p

MARUSZCZYK PES40 'Antique' £45 + £4 UK mainland p&p

MARUSZCZYK PES40 'Bordeaux' £45 + £4 UK mainland p&p

MARUSZCZYK PES40 'Krokoe Brown' £45 + £4 UK mainland p&p

MARUSZCZYK PES40 'Black' £45 + £4 UK mainland p&p

MARUSZCZYK PES50 'Retro' £48 + £4 UK mainland p&p

MARUSZCZYK PES50 'Antique' £48 + £4 UK mainland p&p

MARUSZCZYK PES50 'Bordeaux' £48 + £4 UK mainland p&p

MARUSZCZYK PES50 'Black' £48 + £4 UK mainland p&p

Kala U bass Strap Black - BD price £9.99 + £4 UK mainland p&p

Add EU Mainland shipping + £6.00 (total of £10)

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Spector Comfort Strap

Embroidered Spector Comfort Strap.

Made for us by our friends at Comfort Strapp!

Bass Long  - 38" to 45"

Bass Extra Long - 42" to 54"

There is only one original Comfort Strapp™. Accept no substitutes!

The Pro Series Bass Strapps provide unmatched comfort and performance. Comfort Strapp™’s composite design has the soft cushion of neoprene, configured to eliminate any bungee effect. Comfort Strapp™ will outperform any strap you’ve ever used. It is the only patented neoprene strap offering limited stretch. And made in the USA.

The Sandberg FLEXstrap is here!

This brand new sandberg strap impresses with a very back-friendly wearing comfort. An 8,5mm (3,35") wide neopren layer feels extremely comfortable on every shoulder and makes your instrument feel lighter than it is. 3mm (0,12“) string leather ends provide perfect safety, additional locking systems can be attached easily to protect your instrument even better. Its adjustable length of 108-145cm (42,5-57“) bring the FLEXstrap within a moment in any required playing position. The instrument itself hangs comfortably on your body and bounces discreetly after fast movements. The FLEXstrap is now available!

Dingwall/Levys MSS1 custom Strap (list price £69.99)

3 1/2" wide, made from highly padded leather, top-of-the-range strap from Levy's - available in black and brown

Levy MSS1BLK Strap Leather, Black or Brown (list price £69.99)

A quality strap is really important. Everyone's heard horror stories about poor guitar straps giving out mid gig and sending a guitar to the repair shop. A solid leather strap is the best way to hold your guitar and look good doing it.

Levy's make some of the best straps available. The 3½" Signature Series leather guitar strap comes with foam padding for greater comfort and better grip on stage. Adjustable from 38" to 53" you can wear your guitar at the height thats right for you.



New Dingwall Racing Stripe Strap 0- hand made in real leather, available in Black or Brown

MARUSZCZYK INSTRUMENTS - beautiful quality, smooth real leather, hand made straps with fine quality leather and stitching and plenty of padding

PE40 - Width 10cm, PE50 width 12cm

Length: 103 - 145cm






Ken Smith - Leather and sheepskin adjustable strap black

U-BASS Cloth Strap - Black

Kala Straps are great for gigs. Easy strap on and ability to quickly change instruments on the fly, this is a must have for all.

(NOTE: Strap button needs to be purchased separately and professionally installed. Damage due to improper installation will void your Kala warranty.)