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Ashdown AAA-60-10T combo pre-owned, 60w, 10”


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  2. Pre-owned in superb condition

Designed to take over your practice space the Ashdown AAA-60-10T is a small and lightweight combo that will hit right in at home. From quality onboard sounds to the incredible adjustments available via AppTek this is a killer amp that will cover pretty much any style you could ever want.

Simple, Straightforward Tone

When you are practising you don't want to have to spend your time worrying about a large amount of gear. You just want your tone in a box ready to go at a moments notice. That is exactly what this little amp is, your tone, anywhere, any time. With volume, drive, input and a 3 band EQ you can cover most styles of playing straight out of the box.


By connecting up your phone to the AppTek port you unlock a lot of different possibilities. Not only do you have a modelled version of their incredible ABM amps but also a wide selection of different effects pedals. This way you can easily access a much larger range of EQ, overdrive, modulation, delay and compression settings than what is on the front panel of the amp.

Hard Wearing, Long Lasting

Ashdown amps are known for lasting a long time and that comes down to the AAA series as well. With this amplifier you do not have to worry about it failing while in the middle of practice. It will just keep on working for many years to come.

Here's what Ashdown say about the AAA-60-10T

The Ashdown AAA EVO 60-10T is a solid 60 watt practice amp combo with a single 10" Ashdown speaker. The 60-10T is a little more complex than its littler brother with a further array of facilities including passive and active inputs, tube emulated overdrive as well as a balanced Di output and tweeter, making it a very practical combo for small gigs and more.

The Ashdown AAA EVO 60-10T has the option for an extension speaker out with its own dedicated 8 Ohm min load jack socket. This can be paired with the all NEW AAA-115T cabinet to transform this practice amp into a gig worthy rig.

The amp features a straightforward 3 band EQ to control the Bass Middle & Treble, but the supplied AppTek cable and socket allows the player to expand the amp's tonal capabilities.

Download Ashdown's signature ABM Pre App (available via Agile Partners Amp Kit) and switch on the incredible features that you get from the formidable ABM range including Sub Harmonics, Tube Drive, Compression and comprehensive 7 Band EQ, thus transforming this little amp into a tone machine.

The AAA EVO 60-10T comes equipped with an aux mix level control for the line input and a headphone out is also provided for silent practice - just switch on the speaker mute switch located on the rear of the amp.

The AAA EVO 60-10T maintains the core tone and features of the larger AAA EVO amps in the product range making it ideal for not only home practicing and rehearsals but also small shows.

Most prominently, the Ashdown AAA EVO Range has been upgraded to a premium heavy-duty buffalo Tolex covering with a stylish and distinctive vintage red grill. The Ashdown AAA EVO Range maintains its build quality and durability but utilises a new lightweight ply construction that has cut down on the weight but not the tone.


  1. 1Power Output:  60 Watts

  2. 2Speaker Configuration:  1 x 10” + HF Tweeter

  3. 3Speaker Outputs:  jack

  4. 4Frequency Response:  -3db at 22hz and 25khz

  5. 5High Instrument Input:  Impedance - 3.9M Ohm Input range 150mv to 20v p - p

  6. 6Low Instrument Input:  Impedance - 10k Ohm Input range 300mv to 40v p - p

  7. 7Line Input:  Yes with mix control

  8. 8DI Output:  XLR

  9. 9Impedance:  8 Ohms

  10. 10EQ:  Bass, Hi-Mid, Lo-Mid, Treble & Variable Mid Sweep

  11. 11Weight (kg):  12kg


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