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Dingwall ABI 5/3, Vintage White, Wenge neck, Luminlays


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  4. We can fit a Darkglass 3 band eq in to this bass for £250

Lightweight, easy to play, massive array of tones - this bass will take you to a new level of playability and tone. Dingwall bass are hand made using properly seasoned, instrument grade woods that are highly resonant and light in weight. This bass features a vintage white gloss finish, upgraded 3 x vintage voiced pickups for a more aggressive tone, 3 x series/parallel switches for simple fast changes to your tone and wenge neck with luminescent side dots. Weight - 3.8kg/8lb 3oz

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Time after time players are amazed at how easy and intuitive fan frets feel to play - most admit that it is actually easier and more natural. With the ABI Dingwall set out to create the ultimate passive bass. It’s lightweight and perfectly balanced. On stage or in the studio, perfect tone is as simple as plugging in and playing. Every string rings true and the B string is part of a perfectly balanced set that is playable in all positions which really opens up the bass and makes having a five string bass a joy.


  2. Dingwall made in Canada FD-3V vintage pickups x 3

  3. Dingwall passive controls, volume, pickup selector (see below), tone.

  4. Dingwall USA strings - buy HERE

  5. Two piece Alder body*

  6. 3 x Series/Parallel switches - £120 option

  7. Vintage White Gloss

  8. Luminlay side dots - £60 option

  9. Wenge neck - £350 option

  10. Wenge Fingerboard

  11. Banjo frets

  12. Novax® Fanned -Fret System™

  13. Maple neck - satin finish, 34 - 37"

  14. Ivoroid side dots

  15. Hipshot ultralight tuners (black)

  16. Optional rear strap button - £40 (allows to bass to hang 4 - 5 inches over to your right for easier access to 1st fret)

  17. Custom Dingwall Bridge (Black finish)

  18. Manufactured in Canada


Wenge (Wen-gay) on Lee Sklar Signature, Z Series, Afterburner I and Afterburner II
This is an interesting fretboard wood due to the alternating layers of hard and soft wood (early and late wood).  The hard grain gives the tone a nice top end similar to ebony and the soft grain adds the warmth of Rosewood.  It’s a great all around fingerboard wood.

Submitted on the 21st January 2011 by Matt Cohen who purchased a Dingwall ABI 6 string bass

Following a trip to Bass Direct, I was introduced to a beautiful Dingwall AB1 Blackout 6 string bass. It was immediately obvious to me that this was a bass that was unique in many ways, and I wasn’t sure how quickly I could adapt to it. Quite honestly, however, after tentatively playing just a few notes in the shop, I was hooked! The deal was done then 4 weeks later, I was on tour and WOW!! This bass is light, versatile, and stunningly beautiful to play, whilst also being breathtaking to look at and a conversation point to boot. I sold my remaining basses straight away and ordered an ABZ 6 string.

After all this time, I have finally arrived at a place where I get excited about opening the case and pulling out the bass, and I now plug it into my studio or on into my amp onstage and hear and feel exactly what I have been looking for. If I could buy the company I would but, for now, owning two of these incredible instruments is more than enough. So - to Dingwall - thank you so much for making what I consider to be the best and most forward thinking instruments out there. I have found my home. To Mark and Bass Direct - thanks so much for helping me start my new and exciting journey with sound and honest advice.

Matt Cohen


Tel: 01926 886433

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