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Wonderlove Deluxe Envelope filter £250 + £5 OUT OF STOCK

Wonderlove Deluxe Envelope filter £250 + £10 OUT OF STOCK

Add Guitarman GMP02 - 600Ma PSU - £10

Add Dunlop XL Volume/expression pedal £95

Add One spot PSU - £20

Wonderlove Envelope Filter Deluxe

The most versatile envelope filter ever made, now even better.

New features:

2nd footswitch toggles between envelope and expression pedal control.

All jacks now top-mounted for easier pedalboard mounting.

External toggle for true or buffered bypass selection.


Soft-touch relay bypass

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Dunlop DVP1 XL

There's a new heavy duty volume/expression pedal on the block: the Dunlop DVP1XL! It's one of the best thought our expression pedals we've seen with the ability adjust the tension so you can tailor the feel of the sweep to your liking right from light-as-a-feather through to pedal-to-the-metal! There's even an internal switch to reverse the heel and toe so that heel down is 100% on and toe down is 0% on.

So look no further for a tour worthy volume or expression pedal that can feel the way you want it to, work the way you want it to and keep working for years and years and years.

Here's what Dunlop say about the DVP1XL Volume Control

Create incredibly smooth volume swells or control your effect pedal parameters with the Dunlop DVP1XL Volume (XL). Solidly-built in an aluminum chassis with aggressive non-slip tread, the DVP1XL is ready for the road. Our patent-pending Band Drive allows for a smooth range of motion without the fear of breakage or change in feel or range, and for maximum comfort and precision, the DVP1XL’s rocker tension is fully adjustable.

When using the DVP1XL as an expression pedal, you can use the internal pot to set the minimum level of the parameter you’re controlling with the rocker. If you want to reverse the function of the heel-down and toe-down positions, the DVP1XL has an internal switch that allows you to do so.

Along with Volume, FX and Output jacks, the DVP1XL also features a convenient Tuner output for silent tuning onstage.


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